Test Driving the 2017 Ford Fusion / by Jenn Chan

Ford Fusion 2017


The 2017 Ford Fusion's steering wheel has more buttons on it than my first car had in its entire interior! The navigation display was almost as big as my childhood tv! The seats felt like a reassuring hug from my dear mother, supple and soft, and the suspension was tight yet forgiving. If you're gathering that I enjoyed the vehicle you're not far off... I loved it!


The first day of our week long test drive was a typical day in our household. With work finished for the day a plethora of chores loomed. Or Netflix. We opted, reluctantly and after some tense discussion, for the former and set off to make the 50 km journey from our perch in Downtown Vancouver to a property we're flipping in South Langley. Jenn took the first leg of the trip and seemed to enjoy the smooth ride, but bemoaned the height of her road view after years spent exclusively in SUVs. Compared to our usual chariot, a 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid, we felt crouched in go-kart position, but the sensation quickly wore off as we acclimated and after no time at all the silence in the cabin, the comfort of the interior and the responsiveness of both the acceleration and deceleration trumped all. 


Then it was my turn. My first impression was more positive than an optimist 3 beers in on his birthday. As I set about fixing the mirrors and setting my seat into the optimum position, think Cheech in a '64 Impala, low and leaned, I realized that I could set it to auto-Cheech the next time I got a chance to drive her. A slow smile crept over my face that didn't disappear after I reached up and clicked the push button start. It didn't disappear after I twisted the Jetson-like dial gear shift into drive. Poof and, with no rubber laid, we were off at a break neck speed. I reached the 60 KM limit in what seemed like 4 seconds and let off the rocket pedal to scope out the cruise control and survey all the other futuristic LED lights, dials and doo hickies. This car was from the future. Here I was in September of 2016 driving a car from 2017. Let that sink in. Magic and unicorns on that trip home folks. Talking beavers and slip and slides in the clouds.


Ford Fusion 2017


The next day we had a photo project for a successful Tri-Cities Realtor. The Tri-Cities comprise Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody. Each more beautiful than the last. Seriously. Lakes and rivers and mountains and winding mountain roads. We had a list of 24 items and locations to photograph, what better excuse for a test drive? What better way to gain an appreciation for both the shiny silver Fusion AND the lush region? With a dozen locations set into the GPS we set off on our adventure. The vehicle performed admirably in the mountains, on the freeway there and along the winding roads! We were 3 hours into our day when I found it...


Sport mode. A mode for guys who like sports? Maybe. I do like sports, but I prefer to think of it as a button that tells your car's computer to make itself more awesome. It obliges. After delighting in its torque and pick up for the better part of an hour I noticed something else. While stopped at a light the paddles on the steering wheel I had been fooling with trying to change the radio station made an "A" grey out and a "1" replace it: sport mode with a paddle shift 5-speed manual transmission! Jenn was nervous for the next hour as I tested how quickly I could scorch my fellow road mates on the line. I didn't lose a "race". In part because I was the only one who knew it was a race and in part because this car has gumption!


Over the week it served as a grocery-getter and could have housed our $250 Costco run AND no less that 2 dead bodies; it's a big trunk. It hosted a designated driver DJ'ed pub crawl where passengers marvelled at the leg room in the back. I think someone for the backseat asked me for some Grey Poupon at one point. At least I think that's what he said. 



Ford Fusion 2017 Interior
Ford Fusion 2017 Steering Wheel
Ford Fusion 2017 Interior
Ford Fusion 2017 Deck
Ford Fusion 2017 Nav System


By the end of the week our minds had changed on sedans. Perhaps that trunk would suffice for our snowboard gear, beach chairs and the like? Yes, we thought, we I'll definitely keep it if they offer it. They didn't, however, so I'm left to write about a lost love and plot a course that puts us together again soon. If only in my dreams.


Ford Fusion 2017
Words: Scott Allan
Photos: Jenn Chan