TRAVEL | THINGS TO DO | Madame Tussauds London / by Jenn Chan

Royal Family


What an honour it must be to be asked to model for a wax likeness to be showcased at Madame Tussaud's! Athletes, scholars, celebrities, politicians and royalty all mingle in the vibrant surroundings at the famous wax museum. Being my first visit I will admit I pictured a large, neon-lit room with various figures to take selfies with. We entered a large room, with lovey lighting I might add, and there were wax statues of celebrities encircling the perimeter and dotted throughout the centre of a large showroom.


Marilyn Monroe
The Beckhams
Johnny Depp
Bates Motel


I thoroughly enjoyed checking them out and people watching as selfie after selfie was taken. We might just exit the building now I thought as we, in a sheep like manner, followed a group of people as they meandered up a ramp at the back of the room. The show isn't over folks! Themed room after themed room with 007, King Kong, Star Wars and the British royal family and the pièce de résistance the awesome theme ride park-style taxi ride through the history of London! My first time, but not my last as I'll be sure to pop in at every chance in my travels!


Princess Diana
Star Wars
Words: Scott Allan
Photos: Jenn Chan