Kwilt Shoebox Plus / by Jenn Chan

Kwilt Shoebox Plus
Kwilt Shoebox Plus

The Kwilt Shoebox Plus has JUST launched, and is a device that creates a private, personal cloud where you can offload photos and videos to clear off space from your smartphones securely. You can easily access your files anytime, and anywhere via the app.

I was lucky enough to be able to test out one of the units, and I’ve got to say, after all the set up and registration, it was a breeze to use and upload files off my iphone to the device. Seeing as I snap lots of photos and videos daily, I’m so thankful to be able to clear off some space instead of having to make the hard decision of what to delete! (we have all been there!) The part I like most is knowing that all my files are secured and only able to be accessed by me.

All you have to do for set up is:

  1. Power up your Shoebox device, and connect to your WIFI connection

  2. Connect your USB Memory Card (it comes with a 64GB drive)

  3. Download the Kwilt mobile app (sign up for an account & log in)

The Kwilt Shoebox Plus is priced at $119. The Kwilt Shoebox Plus is platform agnostic and includes all of the great features of its sister product, the Kwilt Shoebox Mini, plus even faster processing speeds thanks to its Quad-Core CPU, 5 GHz Wireless-AC network and the ability to connect directly to your router through fast Ethernet. Photos are uploaded in seconds, and its additional USB ports allow up to 4 storage devices to be connected simultaneously. With the Plus, consumers can:


  • Offload mobile photos and videos seamlessly at faster speeds

  • Enjoy unlimited mobile storage by connecting up to 4 USB storage devices to the Kwilt Shoebox

  • Maintain original, full-resolution photos and videos

  • Access photos and videos from anywhere, on any mobile platform

  • No longer pay monthly storage subscription fees

  • Maintain complete privacy with a personal cloud accessible only by the consumer

More specs & purchase information can be found at The Kwilt app is available for free on the Android and iTunes app stores.

Kwilt Shoebox Plus App
Kwilt Shoebox Plus App
Kwilt Shoebox Plus App